“Cat is one of the most professional Tour Managers I’ve hired. Always on time, delivers reports and makes my clients comfortable – I would recommend to any artist.”

Tomas Jernberg
Director of Artist Management & Services, Warner Music Group

“I have done two tours in Europe with Cat Cooke as a Tour Manager, and I am very pleased with how professionally she did the job. She does her job smoothly and without making a fuss, unless it requires so, and Cat’s always in a good mood and spreads positive vibes. Cat always puts the artist first, and never hesitates to standup and defend the band. I will tour with Cat anytime!”

Vocalist, Audrey Horne

“The aspect that makes Purple Tour Management unique is the total lack of ‘know-it-all’ attitude. Cat is a natural part of the crew, family, and knows that every individual is as important as the next. With Cat’s great communication and organisation throughout the entire tour process, this naturally leads to great shows. No bullshit, just smooth touring.”

Nicklas Hovberg
Ready for More Records

“Ok so I am only a Nightliner driver, but…I have been transporting band and crew for over 15 years and in that time I have worked with many many Tour Managers. Cat Cooke is without a doubt up there in the “top three” due to her ability to deal with any situation, always with a smile, and nothing is too big a problem or equally as important…too small. Her attention to detail, her “man-management” is spot on. Always. Cat does not know the meaning of cracking under pressure and deals with everything that touring throws at Tour Managers. A 100% pleasure to work with so if you’re looking for the complete Tour Manager, look no further.”

Patrick Goodhand
Nightliner Driver

“Without Purple Tour Management with us on our shows everything would fall apart. Cat Cooke organises everything to the extent where you as an artist can relax and focus on performing.”

Pontus Hjelm
Musician, Dead by April / Songwriter & Producer at Warner Chappell / Studio PH

“Purple Tour Management always has been, and always will be the saviour of the day. Cat Cooke is always one step ahead of you and there is nothing she can’t do.”

Beyond All Recognition

“Cat is one of the most professional salespersons I’ve worked with when she’s organising and ordering merch for a band and selling the products at shows – and then you have to keep in mind that I have been in this business for ten years.”

Larsa Gustafsson
Deaf & Dumb Music and Merchandise AB

“If you want your artist in good hands and everything taken care of, you go with Cat. This is what I call working at a high level of professional excellence.”

Sascha Merkel
Pirate Smile GbR

“Having worked with Cat in her role as Tour Manager, it was an absolute honour as she handled all aspects of the tour with great professionalism, and always went above and beyond with what was required from her. I don’t think there is an area of touring or production she couldn’t handle, and I can’t recommend anyone more highly than Cat. A real credit in this crazy industry of ours, and I really look forward to working with Cat again in the future.”

Steve Drennan
Bassist, Engel

“I have worked with Cat Cooke for five years now predominantly from a press perspective. Organising photo passes via Cat has always been very easy, and she has been most approachable and swift to sort out any issues that I may have had once inside the venue. It has been a pleasure working with her and I am sure our working relationship will continue for many more years.”

Heather Fitsell
February Photography

“Cat has great skills in both preparing and executing tour plans, along with successful trouble shooting. A great choice for your tour!”

Björn Meyer
Odyssey Music

“Cat is one of the best Tour Managers whom I’ve ever met and worked with. Throughout the advancing process there are many emails, text messages and telephone calls behind our collaboration, and every detail, regardless of how small, will be covered. Purple Tour Management = a perfect show!”

Sofiya Belova
Promoter and Booker, NM Music (Russia)

“Heaven’s Basement have always chosen to work with crew that are almost an extension of the band members themselves, and most importantly that they do their job efficiently. You’ve got to have reliable crew who don’t take any shit and do their job well, which can be anything from setting up the merch stand to dragging the band members out of a venue for bus call after a late night. Cat ticks all these boxes.”

Chris Rivers
Drummer, Heaven’s Basement

“Good tour management is letting the band worry about little else other than their playing, and letting everyone have a good time whilst not letting it get out of control. Cat does just that; highly recommended!”

Olav Iversen
Vocalist & Guitarist, Sahg

“It’s good to see how much passion and power Cat puts in to getting the maximum out of a band and tour. I am looking forward to future tours!”

Werner Schuette
FoH, WS Sound Design

“Even when Cat isn’t hired as a TM she’s always ready to step in when needed and has the bands best interests as priority. Cat’s merchandise displays are very striking and professional, and with her friendly mannerism, great vibe and humour, we would recommend Purple Tour Management to any company/band looking to take on somebody with a great attitude and overall professionalism. We wish Cat all the best in the future!”


“Cat is one of the top Tour Managers on the circuit, and it’s always an easy show when she’s there due to her professionalism and calm manner. Cat gets the job done perfectly but always has fun whilst doing so.”

Dave Morris
Promoter, DKP Events Ltd